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Dr. Bucky's Philosophy & Credentialsclick to read
Member American Society of Plastic SurgeonsFellow American College of SurgeonsMember American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons

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Why should Dr. Bucky perform my Breast Reconstruction?

  • Dr. Bucky works very closely with your breast surgeon for a team approach for surgical breast reconstruction work.
  • Dr. Bucky is a member of the Allergan Breast Aesthetics Executive Council consisting of ten world-renowned breast surgery leaders who are devoted to enhancing the safety and results achieved through breast reconstruction surgery.
  • Both the breast surgeon and Dr. Bucky work synergistically to create the needed framework to proceed with patient care, reconstruction options and outcomes.
  • Dr. Bucky has received national exposure for his breast augmentation work, and is a recognized leader in new technology and techniques.
  • Dr. Bucky has a relationship with an on-site lymphatic massage therapist to facilitate a path to healing and recovering mobility.

Breast Reconstruction in Philadelphia

If you have lost a breast to cancer or another condition, breast reconstruction surgery can be a physically and emotionally rewarding procedure. Philadelphia Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Bucky will create the new breast, dramatically improving your personal confidence and self-image.

Your Individual Goals

Dr. Bucky will discuss your breast reconstruction surgery goals with you realistically. Together you will decide which procedures Dr. Bucky will perform to achieve your desired results. You will set a date for surgery and be given instructions about how to prepare. You will also schedule a pre-operative appointment to review your medical history, to take pre-operative photographs, and to be dimensionally fitted with tissue expander implants.

Breast Reconstruction Procedure Details

If you have previously received a mastectomy or radiation therapy, there may not be a sufficient amount of breast tissue to cover or support an implant. For this reason, Dr. Bucky typically utilizes tissue expansion techniques to ensure the breast implant is fully accommodated within your breast tissue. Additionally, Dr. Bucky utilizes new technology combining your own fat and a BRAVA® suction device to improve soft tissue coverage when applicable.

Should tissue expansion be your course of action, during office visits, Dr. Bucky’s tissue expansion technique stretches your healthy skin to provide coverage for a breast implant over the course of several months. Dr. Bucky utilizes both round silicone implants and shaped cohesive silicone implants for your breast reconstruction procedure.

Your breast reconstruction procedure will be performed under general anesthesia administered by a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and a Board Certified Nurse Anesthetist. Dr. Bucky has worked with his operating team for over 16 years.

Recovery from Breast Reconstruction

By following the post-operative care program customized for you by Dr. Bucky and our team, you can typically expect a relatively rapid recovery rate after your breast reconstruction surgery. You will have access to an optional vitamin regimen, a personal nurse, and Dr. Bucky’s nurses will check on you after your surgery. Dr. Bucky also works closely with an on-site lymphatic massage therapist, and has relationships with local physical therapists to supervise an exercise protocol developed specifically for you.

Contact Dr. Bucky

If you are interested in breast reconstruction, Philadelphia board-certified plastic surgeon Louis Bucky has received national exposure for his work. Contact him today.