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Why Should I Choose Dr. Bucky for My Natural Breast Procedure?

Dr. Louis P. Bucky presented at the inaugural Composite Breast Workshop that gathered leading minds in the combination of breast implants and fat grafting to improve outcomes.
Dr. Bucky is an international expert in large volume fat grafting in breast surgery.
He performs over 400 breast surgeries each year.
The fat transfer technique for breast augmentation, revision, and reconstruction patients is becoming increasingly popular at Dr. Bucky’s practice.

Good Results Make A Great DifferenceGreat Results Make All the Difference

Natural Breast Procedures

Natural breast surgery refers to the use of fat transfer to augment, lift, reconstruct, or improve the symmetry of the breasts, often without the use of implants. At our practice, Dr. Louis P. Bucky employs fat grafting for a variety of breast enhancement procedures to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals using fat cells obtained from their own bodies.

For patients interested in natural breast augmentation, fat transfer can add volume and enhance the contour of the breasts without implants. For those wishing to rejuvenate the appearance of sagging breasts, transferred fat can provide a lift and subtle enhancement for more youthful-looking results. Furthermore, fat can be used to reconstruct breasts for patients who have had a mastectomy, as well as to improve the shape and aesthetics of breasts for revision patients interested in keeping or replacing their implants after a previous, unsatisfactory operation. No matter the natural breast procedure, Dr. Bucky employs a presurgical tissue expansion system known as BRAVA® to transfer fat more reliably for optimal, natural-looking outcomes.

For more information about the natural breast enhancement procedures Dr. Bucky offers, please click on the links below. If you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact our office today.

Advances Made in Fat Grafting

A New Concept
In Skin Care

Dr. Bucky is the first United States physician to offer Alphaeon Dermal Solutions to our patients. The only way to directly deliver essential nutrients to rejuvenate your skin.

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