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What is BRAVA®?

BRAVA® is a revolutionary device that uses external suction to gradually expand breast skin and/or tissues prior to procedures involving large-volume fat transfer. As a result of this expansion process, blood supply and a variety of other growth factors increase within the breast, helping the recipient site more reliably accommodate newly-transferred fat. These unique advantages permit our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Louis Bucky, to use larger quantities of fat in order to achieve greater volume and fullness for the breasts during natural breast augmentation, revision, and reconstruction procedures. Ultimately, the BRAVA® System can help Dr. Bucky produce beautiful, natural-looking breast enhancement results, often without the need for implants.

How Does it Work?


The BRAVA® device consists of two silicone gel-rimmed domes placed over the breasts and held securely in position by a bra-like support system. Once situated, the BRAVA® system applies gentle pressure on the breasts through a process known as tissue expansion, often causing cells to produce new tissue and increase the overall size and shape of the breasts.

“One of the great advances which has made large volume fat grafting so successful is the use of BRAVA®.”
Dr. Bucky

Using BRAVA®

After being measured and fitted for proper size, patients will typically be instructed to wear the BRAVA® system for about six hours a day during the three weeks prior to their breast surgery. Throughout these daily sessions, the amount of suction applied by the device should be varied on an interval basis using the BRAVA® SmartBox, ideally transitioning from a high level of suction to a low level of suction every 60 minutes. Dr. Bucky often recommends wearing the BRAVA® device at night as it may limit particular activities and ranges of motion while in use.

How Do We Use BRAVA® For Breast Surgery?


BRAVA® can be an excellent presurgical expansion technique for patients interested in a breast augmentation or breast lift with fat grafting. By utilizing this innovative system prior to surgery, breast skin and tissues can be better prepared to accommodate a larger volume of fat transfer than ever before, ultimately helping to achieve a fuller, lifted, more natural look.


In the past, when a patient had complications with an implant, the implant would simply be replaced in the hopes of achieving a better outcome. By utilizing BRAVA® prior to fat transfer, we are not only able to change the implant, but also the environment in which the implant is placed. Consequently, this often leads to more aesthetically-pleasing outcomes.


Fat transfer can often improve the look and feel of reconstructed breasts, including breasts that have undergone lumpectomy. In these instances, BRAVA® may be used to create an ideal pocket size for the optimal volume of fat transfer.

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