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Natural Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer

Why Should I Choose Dr. Bucky for My Natural Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Louis P. Bucky presented at the inaugural Composite Breast Workshop that gathered leading minds in the combination of breast implants and fat grafting to improve outcomes.
He performs over 400 breast surgeries each year.
The fat transfer technique for breast augmentation, revision, and reconstruction patients is becoming increasingly popular at Dr. Bucky’s practice.

What is Natural Breast Augmentation?

Natural breast augmentation is the use of fat grafting techniques to enhance the cosmetic appearance of a patient’s breasts. While the procedure is often performed to further enhance a breast augmentation with breast implants, Dr. Bucky performs the natural augmentation for patients that prefer to avoid the use of implants or for patients that simply want a more natural-looking, discreet outcome.

There is an additional benefit to the natural breast augmentation technique, as Dr. Bucky must remove the fat to be transferred from a donor site on the patient. Fat is often harvested from sites such as the abdomen or buttocks, which can help patients further improve their overall proportion and create a slimmer figure.

BRAVA® Pre-Expansion Technique for Natural Breast Enhancement

BRAVA® is a breast enhancement and shaping system that has been clinically proven to help women grow new breast tissue without surgery, pills, or cream. The nonsurgical breast enlarger utilizes a process known as tissue expansion, a technique often used in breast reconstruction. The BRAVA® system applies gentle pressure on the breasts, which causes cells to produce new breast tissue and increase the overall size and shape of the patient’s breasts.

Results with BRAVA® have been shown to help women increase the size of their breasts by ½ to 2-cup sizes of permanent growth. The clinical studies that have found this system to be safe and effective also found that patients felt more comfortable with their body image, with many reporting not only an increase in size, but a lift as well.

Natural Breast Surgery Revision

As with any cosmetic enhancement, successful procedures require management of expectations based on realistic goals and patient education. There are times when the result is not what you had in mind, and the same applies to breast augmentation. The introduction of the fat transfer technique is a game changer because of what it allows us to do in this instance.

In the past, when a patient had complications with an implant, the implant would be replaced in the hopes of achieving a better outcome. With fat transfer, we now have improved options for better results because we are not only able to change the implant, but also the environment where the implants are placed.